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Throwback Thursday: “Top 5 Mega Man Memories”

Throwback Thursday: “Top 5 Mega Man Memories”

by Brian Nettey

Usually on Thursdays, VGlounge takes the time to honor classic games and tell a bit about our experience with some of the older games from our past. This Thursday is a little bit different because I’d need A LOT of Thursdays to do Mega Man justice. So I’m going to try to limit it to my top 5 throwback moments and give Mega Man the respect the series is due. Let’s get right into the list and try to hold Mega Man down.

1. My experience with Mega Man 4.

Was Mega Man 4 the first Mega Man game I played, no. That title will always be held by Mega Man 2 but Mega Man 4 did what none of the other Mega Man games did before it. It made me want to finish it. Mega Man 4 was the first Mega Man game I completed. I loved it so much that I felt like I NEEDED to finish it. I liked the bosses, I liked the music and I liked the ability to charge up the Mega Buster. As much as I liked Mega Man 2 (considering it was the first one I played ) I felt like Mega Man 4 was the first game that wasn’t missing anything. Mega Man 4 was the first Mega Man game that felt flawless to me as a child and for that it earns the honor of being my first throwback memory.

2. Using the weapons from Mega Man 8.

Holy crap, I loved Mega Man 8, but the game itself isn’t what earned the number 2 spot on my top 5 Mega Man memories. The Mega Man 8 weapons were freaking astronomical. From Astro Crush to Ice Wave, I LOVED THESE weapons. Playing Mega Man 8 was the first time I felt too boss to lose. Whether or not I lost wasn’t the point, when I experienced the weapons from Mega Man 8, that was the first time I felt too legit to quit. So I didn’t, I destroyed any and everything that stood in my way.

3. Getting all of the Mega Man X body upgrades (including the Hadoken)

Mega Man X felt like such an amazing upgrade to the original Mega Man series, I almost felt like I was playing another series. It felt so familiar but so fresh. As amazing as it felt to play Mega Man X, nothing was equal to the experience of gaining the suit power ups. The suit enhancements were already too good but the final enhancement was better than any other power up in Mega Man history. Armored Armadillo’s stage was where people with all the “know how” were able to receive the coveted Hadokun. Fulfilling the correct requirements would give you the best crossover weapon in any game to date. The one-hit kill Hadoken was hard to get but so worth it and was definitely deserved of a top 5 throwback memory.

4. The build up to Mega Man Legends.

How in the world was I supposed to contain myself when I heard a 3D Mega Man was in the works? I couldn’t have been expected to contain my excitement. The premise of Mega Man Legends was everything that I could have wanted my favorite Blue Bomber with an extra dimension in the mix. What more could I want? The hype leading up to the game actually out weighed the experience of the game itself but that hype was worth it. Grabbing every magazine and reading every iota of information leading up to the Mega Man Legends release was one of my greatest video game memories to date.

5. Playing Mega Man Battle Network.

I’ll be honest, I hated the thought of Mega Man Battle Network and I didn’t even consider playing it. I actually avoided touching the game until about 2 and a half years after the game’s US release. After I got over myself and played the game I felt like an idiot. The Mega Man experience was obviously different but that wasn’t a bad thing. The Mega Man Battle Network series was harder than purists gave it credit for but unique enough to grab gamers that aren’t into other Mega Man games. Mega Man Battle Network wasn’t my favorite Mega Man game but it’s not only the most underrated Mega Man game of all time, it’s a wonderfully unique experience.

Were my favorite Mega Man memories a hit or miss? Do you have any experiences you’d add the list?

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  1. Uncl3Fac3 says:

    I actually own the Megaman X collection for Gamecube. I am going to get that Hadouken. I had no idea it was in there. Thank you for ruining my productivity for the week.

  2. Webba says:

    Isn’t there a Shoryuken in X2 as well?

  3. Kazesama777 says:

    If you thought the Hadouken was hard to obtain then don’t bother trying to get the Shoryuken in X2. Freaking L shape hallway covered in nails yo. One touch and your dead….I still remember somewhat how to get it too. Had to drop down and at the right time use your dash attack that you got from one of the bosses then drop down again and time the dash just right to get to a safe plateform. Sounds simple but hard has heck when you actually try it.

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