Throwback Thursday: “POWER UP”

I’m going to sum up Altered Beast in one sentence. It’s about a guy (or guys) that transforms into monsters to save a girl from another transforming guy. That’s all the background information you need for the game. I played Altered Beast on the Sega Genesis but it was also available on Sega Mega Drive and in arcades.

Altered Beast isn’t a great game. There are some people who even say that it’s a bad game and they wouldn’t be necessarily wrong. The story is shallow, the music isn’t great and the visuals were rough but for some reason, the game was fun. Since Altered Beast was originally an arcade game, it’s pretty short (there are only 5 levels) but there is something entertaining about mindlessly killing monsters and powering up. It takes 3 power ups to transform per level and at the end of each level the player powered back down to original form. There isn’t much to Altered Beast but I’d be lying if I say I didn’t enjoy it while I was growing up.

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