Tell’em Why You Mad Tuesday: Game Length

Recently I have been hearing a lot of negative chatter from critics, fans, and idiots in general about the length of Dishonored people saying “the game is only 12 to 16 hours long” and “a game from Bethesda should be 100+ hours”. Some people I have actually met have claimed that the game is too short because they essentially did a speed run on easy for their first play through. I on the other hand think that games should not be beaten as fast as possible but should be enjoyed, and I have been getting tired of people like this mainly because I think people should use a different term than hours to measure their satisfaction with a game, ummm whats that term I like using lun… dun… no thats it FUN.

The problem with people saying you have to have games with endless hours of gameplay is that you end up with games that are built with many hours of gameplay but not much else. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was one such game built to that specification sure it had 60 to 70 hours of story quest plus side quests but that didn’t make it a good game, just ask the state of New Jersey who now owns the studio. Now if you look at Mega Man 3 for the NES that  is a game that I will never get tired of and I have beaten a good 100+ times, sure it isn’t long and I can beat it in a afternoon but the important thing is that I have FUN playing it, so much so I will keep going back to it week after week, year after year.

Everyone just remember this video games are for fun most importantly, not the hours you put into them, when I first started gaming it was not to waste my life gaming but to waste some extra time I had. Sure it is nice to have hugely complex and involving stories that take 60 plus hours to beat but they are not meant to be beaten in one sitting.

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