Tell ‘em Why You Mad Tuesday: “It’s All About The K/D”

I’ve been playing a lot of Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 lately and I one of the things I hate the most is people who don’t quite understand what a good game is. I’m not great in either game but I’m not terrible. I lead my team in about 1 out of 5 team deathmatch games and I’m rarely last. So when my team loses and I have a pretty average game, let’s say 11 and 6, and someone on my team goes 22 and 26 and thinks they deserve a freaking medal it’s OBNOXIOUS.

When someone is leading the team in kills it’s always a good thing but it all has to be taken into consideration of your deaths. Now, if this is an objective game like capture the flag and a person has two or three flag captures and a lot of deaths, I understand, that person is working for the team and deaths don’t count against the team. In team deathmatch, every death is a point given away, it may as well count as a negative. I also beg my fellow FPS players to look at the amount of assists that a teammate gets. 6 kills and 7 deaths isn’t an impressive line, but if that person has 12 assists, I know that that person is putting in work, they just aren’t getting the last shot in. So in conclusion, if you’re going to berate your team, make sure you actually have a good game, or you end up looking like a tool, and pissing me off.

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