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With rumours coming out about the next Xbox and Playstation some how removing support for used games, something that seems very greedy to me on some levels, one has to ask why do they feel the need to do this. If you ask anyone in the gaming industry why companies are thinking about doing this they will say “So they don’t have to compete with the used game market”. But I like to think about the consumer and the small business owners when I try to give my answer.

Let me start off by saying I understand why people in the industry loathe the sale of used games, if you don’t know why its because used game sales cut a deep wound into game sales for the publishers and they keep the cost of games higher for longer. If Sony and Microsoft ever implicated this new policy for their next consoles they might loose many gamers, due to the fact that a good percentage of gamers are for a lack of a better term, poor as shit. Buying games as soon as they come out is a luxury for a lot of people and if you think about it some gamers rely on picking up newer games from the pre played shelf, because they are still in school or still struggling to scrape by.

This point has been echoed by Hal Halpin, president of the Entertainment Consumers Association, when he spoke to

“…If someone can’t afford to buy multiple $60 titles per month, maybe they can buy the used version” and called them “The only alternative for many gamers – impacted by the economy”

Another aspect that has to be looked at is the game store, big or small, chain store or mom and pop store a large percentage of their profits come from used games. So do you think that companies like GameStop, who’s used game sales topped $1.2 billion, will be too happy with the abandonment of used games? Plus many people think that if there is no support for used games, places like GameStop could refuse to even sell the next gen consoles, which would do greater harm to sales then having used games in the market place.

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  1. Kenny says:

    It just gave me a reason to keep my ps3 in tip top shape. There would be no point in buying new games unless they are surefires like a Madden game. If you can’t play used games then there will be no market for them. Which means it’ll have no resell value. That is a no-no for me.

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