Music Monday: Old Snake

Yes, another Metal Gear related post for me. Sorry to you all who don’t enjoy the games, hopefully you’ll enjoy this track though.

When you start your copy of MGS4 up, this is the song you hear. In the background is a sepia video of Snake visiting a grave, and as the song goes on he slowly kneels and puts a gun to his head. What really happens is up for you to find out, but the music fits the mood perfectly. Snake is past his time, and all he lived through was violence or war. With death right around the corner he just wants to end what’s left of his life, all the turmoil and trauma built up in his mind. Just as it seems he is going to pull the trigger, the somber tune ends and a new video begins. The track is rather minimalistic, but that helps sharpen the effect of the background video. Metal Gear Solid games tend to have well-received opening tracks, and this game is no different.

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