Music Monday CLASSICS: “Ninjas Assassinate to Good Music”

by Brian Nettey

Ninjas are silent, skilled killers that sneak around to carry out “goals” which for the most part involve assassinations. This vision of the stereotypical ninja had never be put into a video game until Tenchu: Stealth Assassins came out for the Playstation. The feeling of sneaking around and taking out guards to get to a designated hit was a great feeling but that feeling was only enhanced by the music. The music perfectly set the mood for some old fashioned shadow assassinations (I have no idea what the perfect assassination music is but this is the best I’ve heard.)

Even though there are some real gems in this soundtrack I’m going to pick just one song to represent the type of music you’d expect to hear from this game. Training Theme one of the first songs you’ll hear in the game and it does not disappoint. The intro is deceiving because it is really two smaller introductions that lead into the main portion of the song. After about 40 seconds of introduction the lead Sanshin kicks in and a smooth bass backs it up. The main theme of Training Theme is so chill you almost forget that you’re perfecting skills to kill people. A Sanshin lead was the perfect choice to keep a tradition Japanese feel with a bass guitar providing a modern touch. Tenchu: Stealth Assassins was filled with a lot of good songs but few had such balance between modern and traditional sounds. Ninjas have good taste in training music.

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