Music Monday: “Check Out The New Guy”

Samurai Shodown II is one of the greatest fighting games of all time. My opinion may be slanted because it’s one of my favorite games but I’m confident in my proclamation. Samurai Shodown II took this pieces that made the original a success then took everything to the next level. More characters, better special effects, and rock solid game mechanics, what more could a fan want? One of the new characters to the roster is Neinhalt Sieger, a Prussian Knight. He’s supposed to be a pretty hardcore guy and he is. He’s jacked, fights with a crazy gauntlet gun, and he has an amazing theme.

Neinhalt’s theme is called Red Knight. Red Knight sounds like it could have come straight out of a movie soundtrack in the 90′s. The mood of the song seems so dark for a character that is a knight but it fits his look so well. The song is accented by what I like to call “early 90′s percussion” (that’s what I call percussion that sounds like it comes from a drum machine being played in an empty factory). Red Knight gets honored today because it is and example over-dramatic fighting music done right.

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