Lounging thought: Why even watch the VGAs? (NFSW)

Let me preface this article with my view of any awards show, I believe any awards show regardless of industry is completely pointless and the only purpose they serve is for people in the industry to give each other blow jobs while feeling proud about themselves.

Now last night I tried to ignore the Video Game Award show, if you can call it that, but much to my chagrin I was forced to watch it by my brother. From the very beginning I felt that I was being treated as the retarded ginger cousin who eats paint chips, meaning that Spike filled the time between awards with explosions, swearing (that was bleeped out because Spike can’t be too edgy), beautiful women who know nothing of the gaming subculture (prime example of a moron), and tits, everything that the stereotypical prepubescent 14 year old gamer loves… Too bad the average age of the gamer is somewhere in the mid 30′s.

When awards were given out it was blatantly obvious that the only games even considered were AAA titles, heaven forbid that a Retro City Rampage style game be considered because a game designer worked his balls off for a game he loves doesn’t deserve shit compared to EA or Blizzard (Diablo III was nominated for best PC game some how). Don’t even get me started on the award categories. Best graphics, what the fuck? They could of gone with best visuals, because graphics are not everything when it comes to video games just look at Minecraft or Fez.

My whole problem is that it feels like the true video game fans are being ignored, and that spike is pandering to the lowest common denominator. Next thing you know they might pump out more games like COD because by the looks of this awards show that is all people like. But this is just some one who is pissed off getting some steam off his chest.

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