Lounging Thought: Favorite Characters Made Video Game Heros

For those of us that have a favorite video game character or movie character, how do you feel about that character getting a video game? It’s a simple question that I’m sure many would respond to with something similar to “I’d love it and by the game day one”, but what happens when that game sucks?

As a long time fan of the Marvel comics character Deadpool, news of a game being made and released in 2013 immediately comes off as a great thing. After stopping to think about it, I consider the fact the game could very well suck. Considering this is one of my favorite Marvel characters, followed by Remy LeBeau and Norrin Radd (yes I used their actual names, deal with it), it would suck to play through a game that simply does Deadpool, aka Wade Wilson, no justice.

I’ve seen Uncl3_Fac3 suffer through a few Spider-Man games, and I’m just not about that life.

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