It’s Been 25 Long Years And Metal Gear Still Has It

Yesterday marked the start of the 25th anniversary celebration for the Metal Gear franchise and let me tell you, they sure  are celebrating it correctly. In a closed press conference Kojima and Konami unveiled a slew of new games and other other projects all relating to Metal Gear, all of which will give any big Metal Gear fan a nerdgasm. For starters Konami used the event to announce a MGS game for mobile devices named Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops, although the didn’t mention which mobile devices. From what I can gather from the scarce details about the game, you and your friends will have to team up to destroy the infamous Metal Gear. Social Ops will be running on the Gree platform with the Unity engine. What some people would consider the biggest news, there was a film adaptation officially announced. Kojima Productions will be working in collaboration with Columbia Pictures (as seen in the picture) and Avi Arad to bring the iconic series to the big screen.  Arad had this to say “For many years I fought to bring comics to theaters – and video games are the comics of today” and went on to add “We will take our time and tell the story with all the nuances, ideology, cautionary tales needed”.

Announcement of the movie

Leaked image of the new game which reads From “Fox” two phantoms were born

As for what I would consider the biggest and best news, there is a new game that will be released sometime in the future, titled Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. The studio is trying to keep the details about the game hush hush, but as with everything in the gaming industry there are leaks. The few facts about the game that we know, came via tweets from people who were at the event. @markmacd: Snake crawled @ avoiding searchlights, killed guard, rode jeep, called in heli for evac. Sounds like MG, but the scale & atmosphere… Wow, and… Demo of “Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes”, started w cutscene (all realtime), went into gameplay, open world, night, raining, base. AMAZING. So what we do know is, that the game seems to be open world with real time cut scenes. The final bit of news to come out yesterday was that Raiden was officially confirmed for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Here is a video introducing Raiden and showcasing some of his abilities.



To get a first hand account of what happened during this showing head here.

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