Face-off Friday: “Who Has the Best Hands in the Land?”

In the Street Fighter series there are many different fighting styles represented. There is kickboxing, tae kwon do, and of course boxing. The reason for this Face-off is that Street Fighter has two boxers, but we have to try and decide which one is the best. The first boxer is the original Street Fighter boxer, Balrog.

Height: 6’6″
Weight: 225 lbs

Balrog is the ultimate dirty boxer. He was kicked out of professional boxing for badly injuring fighters and even killing one using illegal maneuvers. Balrog doesn’t care about rules, he cares about winning and collecting his fight money. Balrog is all about brute force and fast hands. His dash punches can stop anyone in their tracks and his headbutt stops people from getting too jumpy. He’s been dash punching people in the chops since Street Fighter II and Capcom keeps him around because he’s pretty good at it.

Height: 6’1″
Weight: 222 1/2 lbs

Dudley was born into a wealthy English family and after his family lost their money he started boxing to bring wealth back to the family. Dudley is the opposite side of the spectrum compared to Balrog. Where Balrog is brutish and crude, Dudley is polite and restrained. Dudley is the boxer that fights with fast hands, counters, and wicked corkscrew blows.

Balrog and Dudley are both boxers but they couldn’t be more different. Which boxer is the best? Balrog fights dirty and Dudley fights clean but in the end they’re both boxers. Who do you like in a fight? Balrog or Dudley?

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