Face-Off Friday: Sports Edition

With the football season underway and basketball right around the corner, I’m wondering which games people play. Do you ride out for the big dogs at EA Sports, or do you shell out your hard earned money for the underdogs at 2K Sports?

It’s a weird battle here because there’s kind of no battle at all actually. There’s no real competition in the basketball franchise because, well, NBA Live 13 was cancelled. Even if it wasn’t, everybody I know was leaning towards NBA 2k13 anyway. Of course in the football world, NFL Madden is still your only option as there is no NFL 2k13. EA Sports held a monopoly on football games for a few years and took that opportunity to put out stale versions of the game that had no real update from the previous season except the roster changes. Fans were upset about this but we still purchased it every year as there’s no alternative. To be fair, Madden has improved the last two years and it seems like the developers really care again.

For me personally, if I’m playing football it’s Madden without a doubt, even if there was a 2K football game out. There was a lot of love for NFL 2k5, but I never really got into the game. If I’m playing basketball it’s NBA 2K even though I grew up on NBA Live, so even if NBA Live 13 was out it wouldn’t be a question in this household. So sound off, if you’re into sports gaming, are you fine with the developers and titles currently out (EA Sports for NFL and 2K Sports for NBA) or do you wish you had the option to purchase the other games for each sport?

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